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Sonhos de Cenoura (Carrot-based pastry)

Sonhos de cenoura is a traditional pastry that many Portuguese families will serve at Christmas. There are a number of variations.


Sonhos Cenoura 1 kg carrots
1 kg flour
150g sugar
50g fresh baking powder
6 eggs
Grated orange peel of 2 oranges
Juice of 2 oranges
3 spoons of milk to (dissolve the baking powder) 2 table spoons Aguardente (a Portuguese brandy)
Oil to fried Sugar and cinnamon

Peel the carrots and boil in water with a little salt, when cooked let the carrots cool. Start to prepare the pastry by mashing the carrots, and add to a bowl containing the flour, eggs, grated orange, orange juice, sugar and baking powder dissolved in milk. Then add the Aguardente. Mix thoroughly.

After mixing everything let the mixture rest for 1 and a half hours in a warm place. When you see that the pastry doubles in size it is ready. Take 1 tablespoon portions and fry, turning ocassionally. After frying cover with sugar and cinnamon and serve.